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Concrete sidewalks are often used for outdoor paths and walkways due to their affordability and longevity. A properly installed and maintained concrete sidewalk can last anywhere from 20 – 30 years, providing a fantastic return on investment. A critical factor when installing concrete sidewalks is the quality of materials and workmanship. At Emerald City Concrete, we have the specialized equipment and knowledgeable personnel to offer you this service competently. Our team will ensure quality, functionality, and durability, be it for a residential or commercial project.

Some key questions that Emerald City Concrete will address with you when installing concrete sidewalks include:

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Stamped Concrete Sidewalk

What Are the Benefits of Using Concrete?

Concrete can be shaped, stamped, stenciled on, or stained. You can also recreate the look of more expensive materials, like stone and brick at a much more affordable rate. You're also able to have as much texture on the path as you like, making it safer for you and your family to walk on. It can also help you avoid potential lawsuits resulting from slick surfaces. Unlike brick or stone, it's easier to create a levelled surface using concrete, further adding to the sidewalk’s safety.

Another benefit to a concrete sidewalk, it makes it easy to match the existing aesthetics of your space. Our experts can make sure to match your new sidewalk with your existing concrete driveway, your home, or even your custom outdoor living space. Concrete is also a lot faster to lay. Instead of having to lay each brick or stone separately, the slab (or slabs) are poured. Our professional concrete installation team recommends about a day or two for the concrete to cure fully, after which you'll be able to walk on it.

What Finish Should I Use for My Concrete Sidewalk?

Concrete sidewalks should have a slightly rough broom finish, which makes for a proper walking surface. A textured walking surface is necessary because a smooth finish will be a slip hazard. When laying concrete, you could opt for a plain and simple finish. Though that may appeal to some, what about those that want something a little more exciting? There are a few different ways to go about crafting a creative finish.

We can mold individual pieces, create custom designs with stain & stamps, and so must more! If you choose to mold individual pieces, we pour the concrete into a mold, and it will take on that shape. By molding individual pieces, you can choose to create a path made out of different stepping stones instead of one solid winding path. For staining, a layer of stain can be applied after the concrete has been laid. The stain is usually created using an acid-base, which reacts with the lime in the path. The reaction not only changes the color of the top layer but also bonds it to that layer permanently. Stamping is a great way to add more texture to a solid pathway. We offer a range of different patterns. These are impressed into the newly laid slabs.

Decorative Concrete Sidewalk
Concrete Sidewalk Installation

What is Concrete Curing and Why is it Important for My Sidewalk?

Concrete curing ensures that the concrete develops strength. Proper curing includes maintaining an adequate temperature and moisture content at the early stages of the overlay, immediately after the finishing stages. This treatment will ensure that your concrete sidewalks remain strong and durable. In warmer temperatures, we utilize a wet curing process. This technique uses a liquid, membrane-forming compound to retain moisture within the concrete as its strength develops. Curing begins immediately after finishing because the concrete sidewalk surface can dry within half an hour in warm weather. In cold temperatures, however, concrete sidewalks are protected immediately after being poured to prevent them from freezing for at least five days after installation.

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