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Opting for a concrete patio for your backyard can be more economical than using tile, wood decking, or natural stone paving. This versatile and affordable construction material can be shaped and patterned to mimic stone or wood, without the hassle of separation, wear and tear, and weed or grass growth in between the joints.

As licensed concrete contractors, Emerald City Concrete will carry out a proper installation for you to help eliminate the likelihood of your concrete patio cracking or heaving over time. We can also color, texture, and stamp your concrete patio according to your decorative and aesthetic preferences. Concrete also has the added advantage of being non-slip when wet, perfect if you have small children or elderly residents living in the home. And an expertly-installed concrete patio won't suffer from warping or splintering, and minimizes the need for regular protective sealing.

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Why You Should Hire Professional Concrete Patio Contractors?

We love DIY. It’s a lot of fun to spend the afternoon in your garage tinkering away or building something new. In this case, though, it’s a bad idea. First and foremost, concrete requires some careful handling. Anyone can pour a slab, but it's challenging to get the surface completely even. A plain slab is still doable, but if you want to create a custom finish, it's best to call in our Eugene concrete company.

We've been in this industry for a long time, and have the know-all of each step in this process. We're also old hands at creating custom finishes. While we can't predict exactly how the color will turn out, we do know how to get the best results. For this job, it's best to leave it to the pros.

Do I Have to Seal My Concrete Patio?

Whether you're installing a new concrete patio or carrying out a concrete repair on an existing one, you must maintain your investment. We recommend using a suitable sealer to keep your patio looking vibrant and new for years. Additionally, sealing your concrete patio will protect it from stains and harmful UV sunlight. You’ll probably be barbecuing, relaxing, and entertaining guests on your patio, and the likelihood of the concrete getting stained from oil, drinks, pet urine, or fertilizer is high. The right sealer will keep all these corrosive substances away from the surface, while also protecting the patio from freeze-thaw damage due to extreme weather changes.

To avoid slip-related injuries, we strongly recommend using a slip-resistant sealer. These products are plentiful on the market, and can also protect your concrete slab from the chemical and water corrosion typically caused by lawn sprinkler runoff. Apply a sealer after the fresh concrete cures, typically 7 - 14 days after installation.

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Are Concrete Patios Durable?

We install concrete patios in much the same way as traditional concrete. Immediately after installation, we can imprint your chosen stamp pattern into the wet concrete and add color before the concrete dries. We will then apply the sealer to the finished product. Between our expert installation, suggested maintenance tips, and general aftercare service, your patio should last you for years to come.

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