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Stamped concrete is embossed, patterned, or textured flatwork concrete. It is designed to mimic slate, wood, brick, stone, or tile, as well as various other natural textures and materials. Look around, and you’ll find decorative stamped concrete on driveways, patios, sidewalks, or pool decks.

Done right, this versatile and affordable outdoor treatment for your living space, communal spaces, paths, or outdoor commercial areas is attractive and durable. It will withstand weather and human traffic exceptionally well. More importantly, it is less expensive than natural paving surfaces such as slate, brick, or stone, will last just as long, if not longer! This type of concrete flatwork adds value and functionality to your property, and we can install it on both indoor and outdoor concrete surfaces. This affordable concrete treatment brings strength, durability, and aesthetic appeal for a meager price.

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Stamped Concrete Design

How Is Stamped Concrete Installed?

As the best concrete company in Eugene, we have the know-how and expertise to install stamped concrete quickly, and with the necessary attention to detail. This careful treatment is especially important to achieve consistent results across the entire concrete slab before it sets. Our team of expert technicians will first draw the pattern and plan the procedures, tools, and labor before starting the project. After pouring the concrete, we will give it ample time to set before adding the necessary release agents and color hardeners.

The concrete will be tested for readiness before our technicians apply the stamp patterns. Finishing touches such as detailing, minor adjustments, and cutting contraction joints will then bring the project to completion. Patterns are stamped on newly-poured concrete. We can, however, utilize stamp overlays on existing concrete that’s in good condition, which produces the same effect as conventional stamped concrete.

Is Stamped Concrete Durable?

When installed by our expert decorative concrete contractors at Emerald City Concrete, stamped concrete is extremely durable. This material will last longer than any natural paving options, such as stone or slate. Stamped concrete can last for decades! Traditional pavers tend to become uneven over time, creating tripping hazards. But stamped concrete is reinforced with wire mesh, giving it the strength to resist constant pressure from foot or vehicular traffic, weather changes, and other damaging factors.

This material also withstands joint deterioration and resists damage from anthills or the growth of weeds, which often happen with natural paving. It's also essential to note that salt corrodes all paving, including concrete, so use only sand as an anti-slip treatment in winter.

Stamped Concrete Sidewalk
Stamped Concrete Patio

Does Stamped Concrete Fade?

Stamped concrete will fade if not sealed. We recommend sealing no less than every two years to keep your concrete looking vibrant and rich. Cleaning and sealing stamped concrete should be done regularly, just like any other home or commercial building maintenance. The frequency will depend on the traffic, weather, and any chemical exposure.

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